Kia ora my name is Anaheke Metua. I was born and raised in Aotearoa, NZ descending from a wonderful mix of Maori / Cook Island, French, English, German ancestors of whom I would like to acknowledge as a gesture of respect.

I acknowledge all of the tribes of the place in which I live and work, Bundjalung Country (Byron Bay) and pay my respects to the elders past, present and future.

Weaving didn't necessarily come naturally to me. In fact I was really bad in the beginning and a very difficult and stubborn student to boot. Over the past 13 years though I have dedicated myself to weaving because, well it's my medicine!

Everything about it sang to me and deep feeling of indescribable knowing awakened and i just began to listen. 

It was but a speck in time, in the year 2005 that I was able to sit with Yolungu Women form Arnhem Land, NT and sit and participate in the practice of passing on knowledge in a weaving circle. This had a profound effect on me and made my journey of reclaiming my roots as a woman, as a creative being, as an Maori / Polynesian and as a human being - indigenous to PLANET EARTH in an instant make sense.

I have had many teachers along the way and now enjoy being a teacher and also subsequently have become a better student. I'm now constantly learning and adapting weaving in my own unique way creating WOVEN ART that honors the past, inspired by the present and weaving our future. I weave as an offering to others connect to culture, community and the innate creativity within all of us.